Sunday, 1 January 2017

Book review: Away from Shore by Mary McCormack Deka

This is one book that will break through your defences and arouse emotions you never knew you could experience. Assorted in 5 divisions, this collection of 51 poems recounts a young woman’s tryst with love and loss. Each section deals with a separate set of emotions, as poetess Mary McCormack Deka weaves tender verses about the feelings you encounter when you fall in love and when you fall out of it; and how you deal with the eventual heartbreak.

Expect vivid imagery. Metaphors that you revel in. Wordplay that lingers on. It would be folly to name one poem as a favourite: each poem is a unique isle of treasures just waiting to be explored.

Although you will be tempted to finish reading the poems in one sitting, I suggest you read one poem at a time, savour one emotion at a time. Replete with lines that strike a new chord every time you read them, the poems offer welcome respite from the heaviness in your stomach every time you think of all the love that went to waste.

To summarise this collection in a line from one of poems: “Careful, or it can knock you over.”

Rating: 4/5

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