Sunday, 17 January 2016

Book Review: Mightier Than The Sword

While waiting to take a flight to India at Frankfurt airport I bought a long overdue copy of Jeffrey Archer's Mightier Than The Sword, the fifth in the Clifton Chronicles series. I spied a few pages and then boarded the plane and took to watching good ol' Bollywood. It was only after I reached India that I started to read the book. Needless to say, it contained all the ingredients of a classic Archer story with several plot twists and turns.

The story begins, where the fourth book left off - an explosion in the ship Buckingham by the IRA. The plot takes turns in the first few pages itself when the reader is surprised by how some quick thinking saves the ship. We are led into the world of Harry, Emma, Sir Giles and Sebastian again in separate parts of the book and we see young Sebastian growing up into a fine man who still had a few moral hiccups along the way. The evolution of the characters seemed natural and easy as the book progresses. However, at some places I felt that the narrative seemed a bit too long and perhaps Archer could have sped up some of the parts.

Every book by Archer ends in a cliffhanger and this one was no exception. It ended in a very delicate trial where some new evidence was about to be presented (?). Fortunately, I do not have to wait very long this time around to find out what happens as the next one in the series is scheduled to come out in a couple of months time. And I promise to write a longer review of the next one. :)

Title: Mightier Than The Sword

Author: Jeffrey Archer

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Price: 12,90 Euros

Rating: 7/10

Reviewer: Manjil P. Saikia

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