Monday, 15 December 2014

Book Review: The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat

After reading the latest offering of Chetan Bhagat ,"The 3 mistakes of my life" only one word comes to my mind-mesmerizing!After giving two back to back bestsellers Bhagat must have been under a lot of strain to produce anther one and I think he has done that with much omph and grandeur. Dubbed by the New York Times as the biggest selling English language novelist in India's history, Bhagat writes in am amateurish way, mainly projecting today's youth through his books.

The 3 mistakes of my life revolves around the major mistakes that its protagonist Govind makes and for which he is forced to take the cruelest path possible. A story of three friends Govind, Ish and Omi the story narrates how an individual's dream can overcome most failures. A story of politics, religion, calamities, cricket and unacceptable love it goes down as an attempt on Bhagat's part to project the atrocities of the middle class people and how life is not always what it appears to be. Based on real events this book is at the same time dark and witty and outshines Bhagat's other books quite easily.

Bhagat transcends from one book to other in a class of his own. He comes out as an exceptional writer and produces a tale which is riveting as well a complete joy to read. If you want to spend the weekend pouring over a nice book then this is it.

Book: The 3 mistakes of my life

Author: Mr. Chetan Bhagat

Publisher: Rupa & Co.

Price: Rs.95.00

Rating: 4/5

[This review was published in The Eclectic Magazine in February 2008.]

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